Mike Brennan Your work is wonderful and very similar to what I do personally. Thanks so much, and keep up the truly great work. It looks like you beat me to the cd painting idea! Very good! Mike Brennan Philadelphia USA 

Angela Skentzos I had a quick look at your site. I like it very much. Very fresh and innovative. Best Regards Angela Skentzos Marketing & Sales Manager Aardvark Art Gallery


Angela Di Bello I am pleased to inform you that your work qualifies for Agora Gallery representation. The body of work that you have submitted for review are highly appealing and reflect excellent structure, color and perspective. Angela Di Bello Director Agora Gallery New York City

Allexandra van Embden Aron.......en ik vind het geweldig mooi! Mijn complimenten voor jou kunstwerken. Ik heb een flinke indruk van je opgedaan vandaag i.v.m jou werken, heel mooi! Ik persoonlijk ben helemaal weg van de werken: Joy, Melody chaos, Window of life, Contrast, en de allermooiste is Seed! Hou me op de hoogte van de Expo in Nederland he!


Yusa van der velde heel erg mooi...zo vol leven en energie emotie, passie .......levenslust.... een genot om naar te kijken


Theo Van de Vyver Prachtige werkstukken,lang geleden dat ik op mijn 'net' zoektochten zulke pure krachtige schilderijen ontdekt heb.


Melissa Smiedts Je werk is echt goed! Blijf zo voortdoen! Je verwerkt bekende invloeden op een heel persoolijke manier wat voor een extra dimensie zorgt. Misschien een kleine tip: werk eens met een ander medium, ik ben er zeker van dat je daar ook goede resultaten mee kan behalen. Vriendelijke groeten, Melissa Jaimelynn Camello

Parys St Martin Hello Aron, Wonderful work you do. Exciting life and energy in them. Tnanks for the opportunity to be able to see your work, best wishes,


Andreas Niederhammer hallo Aron your paintings are great its very colourfull and they give me the feeling of soul+ heart painted pictures. all best from andreas mago


Calin Anton Kindly greetings from Romania!! Y send you on this way like from Artist to other Artist. I remark that,about your works:you bring over the world a new return, a new change of mind of the abstract expresionism,you lead further the artistic mesage beginning by Jackson Pollok in U.S. since about '50 years,through Action Painting and artistic mouvement COBRA in northen Europe. I like very much your works,these are admirable! Even if Y'm not an abstract in my works, Y like the abstractionism first because here the elements of plastic language: points,lines and colours it is esentialy and second because these elements are not meeting in the structure of some real and natural forms. These forms are becoming easely plastic and conceptualy forms with the intermediate artistic EGO. If you want to see my works you can find me on Please send to me an e-mail with your opinions at


Kenneth Ray Wilson Aron, Your work is refreshing and full of action. A delight to view. It stimulates the visual senses with a jump start effect. I watch the asolutearts portfolios constantly, and only seldom do I come across an artist that makes me respond with an email of compliments.


George Lluka I saw your pictures and I was realy suprised. I dont know much about abstractionism but I think you are a talentet artist and I wunsche gluck.


Justino Abad Hello Aron, I saw these 2 wonderful pieces online tonight and was mesmerized by their sheer beauty. When I saw these pieces, I just couldn't help but think of Jackson Pollock, and I hope that you do not mind the comparison at all. I'm sure that you have your own individual style, but your pieces exude the same effect to me in the same way that the works of the old master did. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon. All the best,


Gerret Tol Hoi Aron, bedankt voor je Email. Het ziet er zeer interessant uit. Het interigeert me zogezegd. Ik ben steeds op zoek naar expsressionistisch werk, en dat maak jij. het heeft wat van Pollock, vooral de CD painting en melodychaos hebben iets indukwekkends. Ik zou ze wel een keer in 't echt willen zien, want een maat en kleur in 't echt zien is vaak heel anders. Heb je nog meer ? Gerret


Charo Aymerich I think the key of your work is the use of colour. I like it. There is harmony in your colour choice. I see a strong Pollock influence in some of the paintings. I can also deduct from your work that you can perfectly draw, I can see it in the way you draw lines. Have you ever considered applying a slight figuration to your work? Perhaps it would be interesting to experiment.


Franziska Turek Aron good to see your site - Endless, Itsme, Hopeless, are wild and free. It was also very interesting for me to read your statement, because I found something in common in the process of creation you describe I would love to see, what's coming next Franziska Rossana Your pictures have strong movements in colors especially in your work title Hopeless, seems like waves. Like your works, very, very nice.


Harrie Habets I know the problem wen I am painting abstract, its very difficult to create some of a structure in the painting that give the painting balls and so character. When it's got wrong it's becomes a puzzle or otherwise it's not more than a beautiful wallpaper without any form. When you see a painting of Pollock you see that he makes some of a structure in it, to give a direction in the big paintings. I think your have a lot of good feeling when your make your pictures.